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September 22, 2014
Added a page for Chi'a and added the entry to the Lore page.
Updated the Stories page.
December 20, 2016
Update of The Expanse begun to add profiles of Meghann Pryce and Xiao-Niao Fàn.
January 1, 2017
Added bestiary and updated the race bios with new info and images.
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▪ Ariel Gwenvar ▪ Choka Hasokin ▪ T'Lyesia
▪ Minh Xi ▪ Rheana Proudstaff
Minor Characters
▪  Kanoka-He ▪ Theris-he el-Risingtide
▪ Cona en-Enderhame ▪ Dielle-de ny-Templestar
▪ Malas el-Moonfall ▪ Tungélé den fam-Drenchai
The World of Xanthros
▪ Region of Hylore ▪ Races of Hylore
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Minor Characters
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The World of Dakota Grange
▪ The Great Sioux Nation
▪ Huddlestone Academy
▪  Dakota's Timeline ▪ Fallen Gods
Major Characters
▪ Xiao-Niao Fàn ▪ Meghann Pryce
▪ Nina Katusha ▪ Amirah MacAbhra
▪ Lilith
Minor Characters
▪ Yoko
Welcome to the Expanse
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Major Characters
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